Committed to the Next Generation

We are committed to a better future for this generation and for the many to come. We go to great lengths to ensure that our company’s carbon footprint is as minimal as possible. Our strategies are:

  • In-house, we utilize green office and cleaning products, encourage employees to reuse and recycle, and strive to remain as paper-free as possible.
  • On the road, we equip our trucks with auxiliary power units (APUs) and employ technologies to help reduce empty miles and harmful emissions.

We have also partnered with SmartWay, an initiative between the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the freight transportation industry, to quantify our commitment to an environmentally sound fleet. As a SmartWay partner, we’ve agreed to, 

  • assess freight operations,
  • calculate fuel consumption and our carbon footprint,
  • and annually track fuel-efficiency and emission reductions.

In exchange for our participation in this initiative, the EPA ranks and publicizes our performance on the SmartWay Partner List. Superior performers earn the SmartWay Partner logo and the ability to proudly display it on their trucks.