In the Driver’s Seat: Meet Sara, Operations at Go-To Transport

BAY CITY, MICHIGAN – February 5, 2019. We’re back with another “In the Driver’s Seat” article! This month we’re talking with Sara who works in Operations. She’s been with us for 15 years, 16 if you include the year that she hired on with us as a temporary employee. Thankfully for us, after her stint as a temp, she stayed and since then, Go-To has been her home.

Sara with two of her nephews.

Hi, Sara! What was your first job?

“Hi! My first job was a co-op position for the City in Pinconning. I worked five days a week as part of my schooling doing various office jobs with the city. It was a great job to have as a teenager.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Michigan’s geography, Pinconning is just north of Bay City where Go-To Transport is headquartered. 

You’re a local gal! Have you been in this area your entire life?

“As a kid, we moved around quite a bit before staying in Pinconning,” said Sara. “I was actually born in Jacksonville, Florida and we lived there for a short time before moving to Delaware, then to Michigan, back to Delaware, then Florida again, then up to Minnesota, back to Florida, and finally to Pinconning, Michigan when I was about 13 years old.”

Well we’re glad that your family came here. What did you do after high school?

“I was employed at a few family-owned businesses before I started here at Go-To,” she said, “I worked for two small carriers doing office work, dispatching, and payroll. I also worked for a contractor. Those businesses all closed shop, so I listed with a temp agency and that’s how I ended up here. That was back in 2003.”

Tell me what you’ve done here at Go-To.

“Almost everything!” she exclaimed with a laugh and a smile. “No, no seriously, I have done quite a bit,” she started. “I was in Customer Service, then I became a Driver Manager, and then I was a Load Planner. Now I’m in Operations.”

What’s a typical day like for you?

She paused. “That’s a tough question to answer because in addition to my daily work, I fill in for a lot of others in the department, like if they are taking a day off or it’s busy. I start by doing yard checks, tracking down trailers, and reviewing detention. Then I’ll look at the boards, orders, I’ll hop on the phones, keep track of TotalMail, and help keep track of expirations on the equipment, driver licenses and endorsements, those types of things. Basically, I try to be the eyes and ears of the department.”

If there is one thing that I have learned about working in Operations, there are a lot of balls to keep in the air. 

“Exactly!” she exclaimed, “One of the best parts about working here is the days are never the same. If today ends up being a challenging or bad day, there is always tomorrow.”

I like that viewpoint a lot, Sara! Tomorrow is always a fresh start.

“Right, and one thing that I have learned is that when I’m here – I’m here. When I’m home – I’m home,” she said, “It’s important to keep the two separate. You can’t dwell on things and think, ‘Could-a, should-a, would-a.’” 

Speaking of home, what are your interests outside of work?

“I like to read, relax, and watch movies,” said Sara.

What are your favorite movies?

“My husband, Nick, and I like to watch the Marvel movies, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Harry Potter, those types of movies,” she said, “We also have an 11-month old German short-hair pointer, Stella, and she keeps us busy!”


(L-R) Sara's dog, Stella, in the snow, as a pup, and all grown up.

If there is one thing that employees at Go-To have in common, it is a love of animals. Alright, one more question for you. Do you have a personal motto or favorite quote that you like to live by?

“The days are long, but the years are short,” she replied thoughtfully, “When you’re in a moment, it can seem like time practically stops, but then you look back and so much has passed so quickly.”

Isn’t that the truth? Hopefully the time is well spent before we lose it. Thank you for taking a moment to chat with us today, Sara!